Tax Controversy Services

Individual Taxpayers

We are here to assist you in responding to an IRS or a state income tax notice. We will work with you to compile all necessary information needed to respond to an audit notice or to represent you. We work hard to protect our clients’ rights in an audit and to minimize their tax liability.

Business Taxpayers

IRS and states have increased their tax enforcement and collection efforts in recent years. Businesses are increasingly receiving tax notices from IRS and different state tax agencies. It is always a good idea to have an experienced tax professional on your side while dealing with tax authorities. We represent our clients in front of IRS and state tax authorities in dealing with issues such as business income tax return audits, payroll notices and audits, labor audits, insurance audits (workers compensation), sales & use tax audits, etc.

Voluntary Disclosure Programs

IRS and many States’ tax authorities have introduced voluntary disclosure programs to bring individual and business taxpayers into compliance. Such programs are helpful to taxpayers and allow them to meet their compliance obligations without being subjected to penalties. We help our clients in filing necessary paperwork to participate in such voluntary disclosure programs to bring them into compliance.

Please contact us if you have outstanding income tax returns or need audit representation in front of IRS or a state tax authority.